Let's boost the web!

Start now by speeding up your website! With the Rovox Cdn your website will improve in speed and security!

Powerfull But simple

With our easy to use gui you quickly add more websites to the cdn!


SSL included. Always.

With the new web, security starts to play a more dominant role.

Easy Integration

With a few changes to your website, it can use our powerfull CDN!

Self healing

Our system is build for optimal routing. This ensures the best availability!


Free during beta. Price will change later.

Starting at

0.00 $
Per TB

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the uptime?

During beta we do not provide ANY sla. Use at your own risk. Do you deside to stick arround? then we will have a nice suprice!

Is there a limit on bandwith?

During beta there is a fup in place. Try to keep your neighbours happy!

Boost the web!

Let's get started and boost the web!